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Our Vision

Our future is brighter when everyone benefits from the programs and initiatives pursued by our leaders. Whether that means receiving help from a local social worker, applying for a job, starting a small business, paying bills or accessing public parks, roads, bridges, and highways –– everyone deserves to have their voice heard and receive fair equitable treatment from their community.


As an elected official, I have been proud to serve as the voice for the people I am elected to serve, bringing their voice to the City Council, and I am determined to make our voices heard and get things done as Georgia's next 62nd District State House Representative.


Building Safer Neighborhoods

It is imperative that we approach our mission to decrease crime through its root causes. 


Through after-school programs for students, resources and community centers for young adults, job-training and apprenticeships, and disposing of private for-profit prisons, we will get our community on-track to success.


Law enforcement personnel are vital to this mission, which is why I will continue to work to increase their wages and standard of living and provide resources to expand the use of technology, new tools, and safety equipment.

Improving Public

Health Outcomes

Throughout my time as a city council member, I have worked with organizations like the Atlanta Community Food Bank to set up food distribution sites in Atlanta.


In the last 18 months alone, we have distributed more than 6 million pounds of food to over 3,900 families facing food insecurity.

I am going to bring the imperative to keep families fed to the Georgia Capitol to make sure that no one goes hungry, and that every individual receives the nutrition assistance they deserve.

Councilman Thomas Calloway, Member of the Urban Land Institute


Transportation Options

Transportation isn’t just about moving cars, it’s about safely and efficiently getting people where they need to go. As a public official, I have secured millions of federal and state dollars for the Metro Atlanta area to build innovative multi-use trails, bike lanes and pedestrian walkways, and to repair the roads and sidewalks we use every day.

One of my key initiatives as an elected official has been to implement traffic calming devices and crosswalk signals to increase public safety and improve connectivity for my constituents. Let’s come together for the safety of our communities and continue to secure funding for new projects that are saving lives and increasing connectivity for all.

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